#GOODTHINGSGUY.COM is ‘n voelgoed elektroniese koerant, wat net mooi stories uitwys en niks allerhande haatspraak bevat nie. As ek in die grond gelees is aan Netwerk24 lees ek graag #GOODTHINGSGUY.COM net om my vertroue in die mensdom terug te kan kry – doen jouself net ‘n guns deur glad nie die kommentaar te lees nie – dit is rerig baiekeer ongevraagd, vulger, vol rassisme, nydigheid en haat. Ongeag die mooi trant van die artikels.

Vanoggend het dit ‘n lys van die 24 eg Suid Afrikaanse woorde gepubliseer wat in die internasionale Oxford Dictionary opgeneem is. Die een in pienk is my gunsteling. Die in blou is wat ekself beskryf het aangesien daar geen beskrywing by is in die artikel van #GOODTHINGSGUY.COM nie.

Below is the list of the 24 new words now officially in the dictionary.

  • amakhosi, n. – collective term of Xhosa and Zulu origin for tribal leaders or chiefs in traditional Nguni societies
  • bunny chow, n. – a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry, a popular takeaway dish among South Africans.
  • deurmekaar, adj. – something that is confused, muddled, or mixed up
  • district surgeon, n. – medical doctor appointed by the Department of Health and in the service of the government.
  • dwaal, n. – referring to a dreamy, dazed, or absent-minded state, frequently used in the phrase in a dwaal
  • eina, int. and n. – an interjection expressing sharp pain or distress
  • gumboot dance, n. – a style of dance where the dancer incorporates the sound of their rubber boots
  • howzit, int. – a casual greeting of ‘how’s it going?’
  • ingcibi, n. – a Xhosa word for a person who performs circumcisions on young men as part of a traditional rite of passage
  • ja, adv. – Yes
  • ja well no fine, phr. – a non-committal, resigned, or ironic ‘whatever’ expressed as ‘ja well no fine’, pronounced quickly, almost as one word.
  • kasi, n. and adj. Kasi is someone I want on my side. … look at that girl over there, she’s totally trying to be as cool as a Kasi.
  • kif, adj. – meaning cool or sometimes used as a term of agreement (terloops my Lainey het my geleer van die woord kif – “ouma moenie ouma se taal meng nie, cool is eintlik kif” 😉
  • Mzansi, n. – the Xhosa name for South Africa, also meaning South Africans as a people.
  • sakkie-sakkie, adj. and n.- type of dance mostly Afrikaans speaking people love
  • sarmie, n. – a sandwich
  • shackland, n. – informal housing area
  • skedonk, n. – an old, dilapidated car
  • spaza, n. – is a small, unlicensed shop in a township, usually one run from a person’s house.
  • tickey box, n. a public telephone
  • toyi-toyi, n. and v. – the name of a dance-like movement usually performed with chanting or singing during marches or rallies.
  • traditional healer, n. – a traditional medical practitioner (no tertiary qualification), using all types of herbal medicines etc.
  • ubuntu, n. – a word signifying the fundamental values of humanity or of Africanness, also borrowed partly from Xhosa and partly from Zulu.
  • voetstoots, adv. and adj. – a legal term describing the buying or selling of items in their existing condition, also used more generally to describe actions carried out unconditionally, without reservation or qualification.
  • Wine of Origin, n. -(abbreviated W.O.), which is used to designate wines that are officially certified as originating from a recognized region or estate and guaranteed as being of the specified vintage and grape variety.

is hierdie nou nie super kif” nie?