Julle ken nou-al my “LIEFSTE MADELAIN’ – hierdie vrou laat my altyd voel ek doen so min, om enigsins te dink ek het enige waardetoevoeging of verskil in iemand se lewe. Beslis nie doelbewus nie, haar DNA bestaan uit dien en sy kyk op niks of niemand neer nie,

‘n Mediese Dokter wat besluit het sy gebruik haar kennis nie om haarself te verryk nie, maar om terug te ploeg onder die armstes van die armes.

Ek is so bitter lief vir hierdie vrou wat stil-stil soveel respek by my afdwing en nooit as te nimmer enige MENS as gering ag nie.


Hello dear Friends,

We are in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
We stay with friends, in their apartment on the 32 floor , most of KL can be seen from our window, and the traffic noise is all day and all night! But it is beautiful. It is HOT AND HUMID, the rain comes most days which is nice and keeps everything GREEN.

By day we work in the school. On the web, www.dignityforchildren.org you can read about the school.

We serve the poor of the city, and the refugee population, about 900 plus kids at present.
Many years ago this small church started teaching ( Montessori) classes to street children, who can’t get an education (no papers… No Id, now it is full NGO, and everybody works hard and long hours, to keep things running smoothly.

Also Petrina and Sat, our friends…. The principal leaders of the team, have many kids who live here, because they have no safe place to stay. So we are 5 adults and 8 children in this home. By day we are at the school till 9 pm.
My job is to see the school children for medical and dental check ups and treat whoever needs it, staff and kids, Herbert teaches in the church and  helps train, the young staff/ teachers.

To do this service among the poor, illiterate and unaccepted / cast off people, from the slums and back streets, one has to have much courage. The young staff are enthusiastic, but they want to BIG CHANGES… SOON,
Every month new refugee children come, destitute, from many places. They are NOT RECOGNIZED OR HELPED BY THE GOVERNMENT. At any time the police can find them and jail or deport their parents… Who are considered illegals.
They move from place to place, no home, money only from odd jobs and their savings that they bring from their home country.

No medical care NO SCHOOLING. Kids are out of school for years while they wait for UNHCR to register them, and try to find a country to accept them.
Here at Dignity for Children, there is education, a safe school, food and a place to bath, school uniforms and shoes (some children’s only clothes!)
It is the prayer and work of Petrina and her husband Sat, to find and keep supporters from here in Malaysia, businesses, individuals, and some congregations always try to get some people settled in safe countries.

Together with them is the small church, who do most of the work, to love and support the kids who need care/orphan, and foster kids who have been “rescued from the streets and unsafe homes by the social workers.
(even though they are, NOT recognized by the government… And always under suspicion, the ladies from the social work department bring endangered and “difficult” kids here, who cannot be accepted in the government places, because they are not Malay. So we are here to welcome and make a better life, and a family for them however long they need it.
Some have come 19 years…. Now have become teachers here.
Others just a few weeks, months or years, some are babies, some big teenagers! Most cannot speak English.
They can also mostly not speak the Malay local language, so now EVERYBODY LEARNS ENGLISH, first and also secondly Bahasa Malay.

It is quite strange to come into class and kids from about 7 different countries. All races, all religions, stand up and say, good morning doctor…. And read  and sing in English!!
This is to help them to get a good education, and job, also if they get to be moved to a safe country one day, and the urban poor, kids from KL. also will find a good trade or job one day with perfect good English, sound character, and healthy habits.

They learn to take responsibility, be accountable and take initiative for themselves and their brothers and sisters.

I love them, just being here is good. Herbert is like a grandfather, the bigger children like to ask him many serious questions and listen to him preach and give lectures…. which they attend, (when they could be outside playing) and are interested in the science, politics, government, and religion, lessons. Many, even of the staff do not know much about MALAYSIA, the government, laws and constitution and the economics. It is a strange thing for them to live among other religions that they do not know about. Herbert helps them to look at these important things here.

So, this has been a long letter giving some details of our stay in Kuala Lumpur.
At the end of this month we leave, we go to Africa, I will be in Pretoria with my Mom.
Herbert will be in ZAMBIA.
HE will travel with my brother, with a missionary group of men he will be teaching at many ( bible, theological) schools, to train pastors, and Christian leaders. Zambia is the country that I come from and grew up as a child.

When I am there I shall write again, regarding my stay in South Africa.

We went to the beach in north Malaysia for three days,  the most beautiful beach and seaside. It was a good time to reflect in the QUIET, and recharge our “batteries”
We do need your prayers, that we will be faithful, servants and do our best for our LORD, WHOSE CHILDREN THESE ARE! all the days we are here.

Much love and blessings, from us here.

Madelain and Herbert.